Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

I, like many of us, have been going through my spiritual awakening. It is a time of great excitement and confusion. I have been searching the internet for others who are going through the same process. There are many of us.

I do see the confusion in others from the forums I have visited. “I am awakening but my spouse is not”, “what are the physical symptoms of awakening” and “how can I wake up faster” are some of the questions I am seeing over and over. I am not, by any means, an expert on the subject. I am just another participant. But I have been given some insight into the changes we are all going through right now, whether we believe or not.

There are lists out there regarding the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and they are quite good and enlightening. There comes a time when we will want more and more information though. We are at a cusp where we will need to start relying more and more on other individuals. We need to come together as a community, help each other and discuss what has not already been addressed.

Below you will find a list of physical and emotional symptoms I have experienced. Some symptoms may not relate to the awakening. I have not received any insight to these symptoms. I am going to try to leave out anything on previous lists already on the internet. It’s time for a continuation of the conversation we have already started. I welcome any comments on these symptoms. Let me know if you are experiencing them too! Please add any other symptoms you are having as well.

1. Even though I am legally blind, I am finding myself taking off my glasses regularly so I can see better.
2. I can no longer use a pillow.
3. Pulling sensation on my forehead at different intervals throughout the day.
4. Regularly seeing forms in my peripheral vision.
5. Chronic bronchitis.
6. An urge to clean and purge.
7. Headaches and nausea.
8. Tingling and pain in problem areas when I am in bed (i.e. bad knee, etc.). Noticeable improvement in area upon rising.
9. I find myself showering several times a day.
10. Overwhelming feelings of peace and love throughout the day.

I have purposefully tried to include on this list only the physical symptoms I am having. I will address other changes and insights I have received in future posts. At this point I am just trying to get the conversation going without ramming anything down anyone’s throat!!

Be kind to yourself and others during this time of change.

Peace and Love.

8 responses to “Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

  • EvolvedLove

    Interesting symptoms.. I thought the shower one was interesting ’cause I do the same! I’ve been taking short showers all the time. In addition to that, I have a kind of “floating” sensation (don’t know how else to describe it, like I’m not quite in line with my body?) every now and then. I don’t like eating anymore; I wish there were a way to get the energy without having to eat! A strong connected feeling to nature (plants, animals), but very disconnected feeling in regards to society/the majority of other people. Just some abnormal things I’ve been feeling lately but wasn’t able to describe.. I figured I’d add to the conversation. (;

  • Theresa

    Evolved Love:

    Thanks for the reply. I am trying to find the obscure symptoms that no one is talking about yet. I too have the floating sensation at times. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth and LOVED to eat and now I have to force myself and when I do its fruits and veggies……who would have thought?

    I am having a big problem with people…..HA! That sounds strange. Let me explain. When I am meditating or just going through my day I will think of people as a whole and am overwhelmed with love. When I go out in the world and am faced with people as individuals, I get very frustrated with them. Guess I have more work to do, huh?


    • EvolvedLove

      Haha because people are so frustrating! It’s really irritating to see so many people with a veil pulled over their eyes and yet they’re completely happy with that. I think most people are in denial about the state of things and it makes them pretty unpleasant.

  • fredphillips

    I began purging and simplifying a few years ago … no longer needing material things to assuage the ego. Also, I am enjoying being alone more and more :)

  • A Little Psychic

    Reblogged this on A Little Psychic and commented:
    Awesome article!

  • David Tenneson

    In 1983 I met my biological father’s family for the first time when I was 43. I was asked, ‘Do you suffer from the family disease?’ I replied ‘what is that?’ The whispered reply came as ‘Madness’ I laughed, ‘Of course!’ ‘Oh good you are one of us!’ Love David

  • Anonymous

    blessyou all

  • Carrie

    I lost the love of my life back in June this year. Very traumatic experiencee for me as he was so young and we talked about his awakings before but at a shallow level. When he passed, I did things I would not normally do and my family thinks I’m insane. I got rid of almost everything and moved over 1600 miles away from a place I called home for 20 years. I have gone through job losses, home losses, family insanities, waking up between 1:30 am to 3:30am for months. Dreams that seem very real. Emotional roller coaster rides. Neck and back aches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, seeing people that aren’t alive all over the place, hearing people call to me that I can’t see. My eating habits are off the chart…I want to eat and gorge then I don’t want to eat. I am exhausted then too much energy. My body is changing constantly, my hair was grey now oil and new color, my skin was dry and no it looks like I have skin peeling off and changing color. One minute I am clear minded then next I am confused. People I love dearly are now…the sound of their voice irritates me. Electronics send me over the edge. I feel insane some times but my daughter calls this a spiritual awaking. A cleansing process.

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